Internet of Things

As the opportunity within the IoT sector continues to rise, businesses globally have been taking a leap to developing unique devices or searching for a way to get in on the action with emerging software or platform solutions.

What you'll learn

(Duration 3 days)

  • Covers IoT from basics to Advanced
  • Training led by TOSALL‘s highly experienced industry leader
  • Covers the IoT eco-system
  • In-depth coverage of the IoT Stack
  • Good exposure to Raspberry Pi
  • In-depth understanding of Hardware Interfaces
  • Industry Relevant use cases
  • Explanation and demonstration of an end to end IoT application

Course Details

Module 1: Introduction to IoT
  • Introduction to the concept of IoT
  • IoT Eco system
  • Hardware
  • Sensors
  • IoT Stack and Protocols
  • IoT industry deployment examples
Module 2: Introduction to Raspberry Pi
  • Features of Raspberry PI
  • Interfaces
  • Programming environment
  • Caveats
Module 3: Interfacing with the external world
  • TCP/IP Communication
  • HTTP/REST interfaces
  • MQTT
Module 4: IoT Model Application and demo
  • Explanation and demonstration of an end to end IoT model application