HR Augmentation and Visa processing Services in Bangalore

TOSALL India Private Limited offers HR augmentation and visa processing services in Bangalore to supplement your organization’s staff during peak workload times. We provide on- and off-site services on a short- or long-term basis depending on your support needs. Our industry experts report directly to your management, so that you remain in control.

Our professionals specialize in the latest technology skills to meet compliance requirements and advanced IT technologies. To name a few:

  • Computer Vision: openCV, openCL, openGL, A/Vcodecs, image processing
  • Automotive Testing: LDRA, Vector Cast, ISO26262, AUTOSAR, LABVIEW
  • Embedded Systems: C/C++, Linux, Kernel BSP development
  • Machine learning algorithm development
  • Multimedia middleware/firmware development
  • PCB design
  • Software Integration and Testing
  • Cloud software development
  • C++/Java Developers, (JDK 1.7 OR 1.8)
  • J2EE, Core Java (Serialization, Synchronization, Concurrency, Reflection) ,Frameworks/ORM tools (Struts/Springs/Hibernate/toplink/JPA/Ibatisetc),
  • Presentation Layer (JSP/Servlet) , Databases, Build and Release, Systems Integration, Agile, Estimations/Planning, OOPS Concepts, Client Management/Interaction.
  • ASP .Net Developer: .Net, MVC 3/4, MVC 5, Angular 2, Web API, Asp.Net, C#, SQL Server, MVC, Angular JS, jQuery, Coding, Full Stack Developer
  • Oracle Developers: Oracle D2K, Oracle Developer, Forms, Triggers, D2K, Reports, performance Tuning
  • Java with Spring: Spring mvc, “spring boot” , hibernate , webservices, j2ee, java, “Core JAVA”, spring
  • Android Developer : Android Studio, SQLite, Core Java, Eclipse, Mobile Development, Adt, OOP, SVN, GIT

Your organization can draw on our professionals’ expertise on an as-needed basis. Our HR Augmentation & Visa Processing Services in Bangalore flexibility allows you and your teams to concentrate on ways to better serve clients and grow, rather than divert time and attention to administrative functions.

We also assist in Visa processing for your staff’s travel. We have experience in processing short term and long term VISA and handling Emigration to various leading countries like USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia.