In-flight User Experience in a business Jet

Today’s business jets allow controlling of cabin lights, speakers, shades and temperature from touch screen based controllers located at multiple places.

Master controls are located at the front area of the Cabin and crew uses them to manage the Galley area and to set preferences for VIP and other seats. Personal small sized (1”x5” & 2”x4”) touchscreen control panels also known as Passenger Control Units (PCU) are provided at the armrest of each passenger seat which can control the corresponding reading lights, table lights and shades. If PCU belongs to the VIP touchscreen controller then it shall have privileges to control all the Cabin electronics.

LED lights installed in cabin can be controlled to create natural whites and desired color variations from touchscreen controllers.

Touchscreen controllers have User Interface menus that allow Passengers to select what they want to control. For example, a Passenger can go to “video” option select any of the video sources among Bluray player, AVOD or moving map and can play the same on the screen(s) of their choice. Passengers can go to the “AVOD” menu option and pick a genre and movie they want to watch or they can select the audio source among connected devices, local storage or the connected mass storage. While audio and video is playing, the Passenger can select cabin control menu and adjust the temperature and lighting or choose a lighting preset to suit his or her mood.

neuroCMSTM by TOSALL is the Cabin Management Solution that fully customizable for any aircraft based on the number on seats and cabin size. Please send an contact us to request for a demo.