TOSALL India Private Limited is a rapidly growing IT Services company enabling our clients in implementing automation using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology.

TOSALL has launched a chatbot based platform using which we are able to create customized chatbots as per your requirement.

What is a chatbot?

chatbot is a piece of software that can do chatting with the human being. Chatbot are text and voice enabled. The voice enabled chatbots can actually listen to human instructions and respond in voice.

What are the various applications of chatbot?

Text based chatbots are deployed on websites and other portals to engage the website visitor. For example, a lead generation chatbot can greet and collect the details of the website visitor. A Chatbot deployed on a travel website can actually provide a useful information to the user on a chat window. There are chatbots who can interact with the customers and do the hotel or appointment booking automatically

Can a chatbot speak like human being?

Yes, we use Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology where chatbot can actually do chatting similar to human beings. This significantly helps in customer support for many companies.

What are the various platforms for chatbot implementation?

TOSALL uses their own proprietary technology to implement the chatbots. There are AI platforms such as Amazon Lex and Google Dialogue Flow that can also enable the chatting feature in any system. These platform actually support voice as well.

Can we implement a touch free elevator using chatbot?

Yes, we are working on a product called “smart elevator plugin” that can make the elevators touch free. The passenger can actually speak with the elevator and tell it where to stop. The passenger can converse and obtain updates about weather, building amenities and other local information from the smart elevator. The elevator constantly learns from the conversations and upgrades itself.

We hope you found this content informative! We would like to have a meeting with you to understand and explore if you need a chatbot for your website or any of your applications.