Driver Monitoring System (DMS) uses a hybrid combination of advanced facial analysis algorithms and deep learning models across 28 facial landmarks to perform real time analysis of driver’s eyes, mouth, and head and body movements and decides the Safety rating of the driver.

TOSALL’s Driver Monitoring systems is able to identify the fatigue and attention levels of the driver accurately using Computer Vision technology. The Driver Monitoring System not only raises an alarm but also sends a danger signal to Fully Autonomous driving system so that it can take-over the control from the driver and park the vehicle automatically as soon as possible.

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TOSALL India Private Limited is a rapidly growing Indian IT Services company offering a wide range of portfolio including Technology Consulting, HR Augmentation, & Consulting Service. We are innovating Plus delivering AI driven service in the area of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) with benchmark quality deliverables.

We have world class Intellectual Properties (IP) for: 

  • Recommendation Engine for OTT and online retail platform,
  • Computer vision based Defect Inspection for manufacturing industry.
  • Chatbot integration for online portals
  • ADAS applications 

TOSALL India Private Limited has helped our clients set up their offshore operations moreover ramp up the teams with quick turnaround time plus cost efficiency

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